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Cadet Brown Z5 XL | One-Piece | Nylon | Brushed Hardware

Cadet Brown Z5 XL | One-Piece | Nylon | Brushed Hardware

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    Cadet XII Z5 Ballistic Nylon Watch Strap
    • Color - Brown
    • Material - Manufactured of a heavy weave ballistic nylon material
    • Hardware - Brushed Finished Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
    • Single piece of nylon between your watch and your wrist
    • Length - Approximately 12""/305mm in length
    • Thickness - 1.5mm thick
    • All Watch Bands come with the Nato Strap Co. Guarantee!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Ron W.

    Very happy with my NATO Strap purchase. I have bought a half dozen straps from NATO and all good... never disapoint. didappointment... I bought a horse hide strap thinking it would be strudy / tough/ substantial. I think they skinned a little Shetland pony.... cigarette paper thin strap.

    This purchase good quality, love the look and feel..... only issue it is a bit long ... do they come in long and medium lengths?

    Brandon R.
    All the steps I have

    All the steps I have ordered have been high quality and fit my 8.5 in wrist perfectly. No doubt will be a future customer!

    David M.
    Excellent strap!!

    Excellent strap!!

    Ravindra Chaturvedi
    High quality!

    Whether I'm crawling over boulders with my boys in the canyons, south of Tucson; or timing my next stock trade..., I'm thankful that this strap is tougher than I am!

    Kenneth L.
    Solid quality, however, hardware geometry doesn't work for me

    Overall, the quality of the strap is solid. No complaints there. However, the hardware is a) a bit oversized (the rings are a bit too big -- you could triple or even quadruple back the straps before you fill up the ring) and b) the spacing of the rings is a bit too close - though that may be just for my wrist size.