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Colt | Burgundy Brown | One-Piece | Leather | PVD Hardware

Colt | Burgundy Brown | One-Piece | Leather | PVD Hardware

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    Colt Leather Watch Strap
    • Color - Burgundy Brown
    • Material - Manufactured of a genuine leather
    • Hardware - PVD Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
    • Length - Approximately 10.7""/270mm in length
    • Thickness - 1.2mm thick
    • All Watch Bands come with the Nato Strap Co. Guarantee!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Abdul m.

    Overall average great straps that fit perfectly on my luminox and fenix3

    Ken B.
    Great quality

    So far so good! No issues at all, and a hand written thanks! I appreciate that!

    Haddee H.
    Fast shipping, simple yet great product

    The strap is pretty nice quality, especially for the price. It's genuine leather and smells like it was just made. Good quality, finish, and feel.

    James B.
    It doesn't fit right.

    The buckle end is really short. It fits the watch, but buckle end of the NATO is so short it's almost unusable.

    Jan E.
    May look thicker in the photos, but the actual product looks and feels good.

    Due to how close the photos on the site were taken and the angle that they're shown, I was expecting the strap to be slightly thicker than it actually is. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. A thicker strap would have also been heavier and less flexible. This one is light, and flexible making it quite comfortable to wear. It's particularly comfortable because instead of the hard back of a heavy watch weighing down the back of your wrist, it's a soft piece of leather instead.

    Additionally, I also like how you don't need to remove the watch's springbars to attach and remove the strap.

    My only complaint aside from the slightly misleading photos, is that the buckle is not removeable. I was hoping I would be albe to use a deployment clasp to lessen the stress on the leather caused by standard buckles. In this case though, I have a feeling that the resulting wear will make the leather look "aged" rather than damaged.