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Destroyer XL | Gray-Green | One-Piece | Nylon | PVD Hardware

Destroyer XL | Gray-Green | One-Piece | Nylon | PVD Hardware

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    Destroyer XII Ballistic Nylon Watch Strap
    • Color - Gray-Green
    • Material - Manufactured of a heavy weave ballistic nylon material
    • Hardware - Ultrasonically welded; PVD Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
    • Single piece of nylon between your watch and your wrist
    • Length - Approximately 12"/305mm in length
    • Thickness - 1.5mm thick
    • All Watch Bands come with the Nato Strap Co. Guarantee!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Ahmad Munir Sabki
    Thick, tough. cool colour

    A bit tight for Omega (Peter Blake) Seamasters - stresses the springbar - 1.2mm thickness might suit better. Otherwise - love the colour and quality of this strap and hardware. Having said that - I think it's time to consider a buckle upgrade. something with a little more heft ...

    Stefan K.

    The Straps are long enough, but the Material is really hard to wear.

    Peter D.
    Nice strap material, length and finish. Needs minor buckle upgrade.

    These Ballistic XII and the MooseStrapCo normal straps are the two best straps I found, among the 15 or so brands and models that I own. I don't like the length of the MSC on my wrist. But these XIIs are perfect. I like the XII weave, color, finish. I prefer the brushed hardware after buying the PVD. The floppiness of the fabric is just right, not too soft, not too rigid. I do not like seat-belt fabric, nor shiny fabric This is perfect. The buckle holes are perfect. The comfort and thickness is right on. The size of the keepers is great. One slider keeper would be desirable, but it isn't a requirement. My only ding is that the buckle is a little weak. I have eight of these XII ballistics. I bent two of the buckles under hard use. I threw them out, because they fall off. My most recent watch is a little rough on the strap. The spring bar is too close to the case, and the case catches on the fabric, creating pulls. In three years of using these straps, on may different watches, this is the first time I have had pulls. It is the watch, not the strap. I bought curved spring bars to correct it. I haven't tried them yet. A little better buckle, in between the Octane and this model, without springbars, would upgrade this to the perfect strap for me. Otherwise, don't change a thing!

    Zachary A.
    Love the strap

    Awesome quality, I have several straps from nato strap co and they are all exceptional.

    John T.
    Love it

    Love it