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Gray Matter XL | One-Piece | Nylon | Brushed Hardware

Gray Matter XL | One-Piece | Nylon | Brushed Hardware

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    Gray Matter XII Ballistic Nylon Watch Strap
    • Color - Solid Sea Green Gray
    • Material - Manufactured of a medium weave ballistic nylon material
    • Hardware - Brushed Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
    • Single piece of nylon between your watch and your wrist
    • Approximately 11.5""/292mm in length.
    • Thickness - 1.2mm thick
    • All Watch Bands come with the Nato Strap Co. Guarantee!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Allen M.
    Love the bands

    I've bought a number of bands over the last few years, and I love them! Good construction and give my old watches a cool look.

    This is my Every Day, after 3 years of hunting.

    I've bought every NATO up and down the spectrum. Just for reference, I have NATOs from Phenomenato, WatchGecko, BlueShark (every NATO model), Countycomm, MoosestrapCO (every NATO model), Watchbandit, ADPT, and several others. I lean away from shiny and seatbelt styles, but I do have them. I still wear my other straps occasionally, but this is on my wrist 6 days a week.

    I have most every color I could want. This color is perfect for a subtle look. I try to fly under the radar on my watch. It's for me, not for you. It has a slightly more muted green-gray look than the Ballistic Mk XII Ballistic Infantry green strap. The fit of this one is just right. The slightly longer strap works perfectly for my 8.5 inch wrist.

    The pointed cut of the end, and brushed hardware make it look great. The infantry's end is more rounded.

    The texture on these is just perfect. It is just the right amount of "Floppiness." I prefer this vertical type of fabric, versus the horizontal of most of the NSC Mk XII Ballistic straps.

    I wear these on a dive watch with 22mm lugs. I have 7 of this model so far, because I wear them that often. I wait for the 50% off sale, and a get a few each time. I have only worn 2 of them so far, in the past 12 months. They have held up very well. I liked the melted holes on the Mk XII Ballistic Infantry, but their new technique on this model has held up a little better! Many of my others have holes that frayed over time. I have yet to see that on this one. I suspect is has to do with the vertical loom pattern.

    Great job NSC!

    Tyler S.

    I order 3 different natos and they are all excellent. I couldn’t be happier! Excellent customer service and speedy shipping!

    Mary W.
    All good. Good value.

    All good. Good value.

    Really great straps

    I love the XII straps with heavier weave nylon. It doesn't distort like lighter weaves and the length of the strap lets me pass the extra strap back through BOTH rings. I bought this grey matter one and the baltic blue one.