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Inmate Orange Z3™ | Two-Piece | Nylon | Brushed Hardware

Inmate Orange Z3™ | Two-Piece | Nylon | Brushed Hardware

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Introducing the Two-Piece Z3™ Ballistic Strap!
      Inmate Z3 Two Piece Ballistic Nylon Watch Strap
      • Color - Orange
      • Material - Manufactured of a heavy weave ballistic nylon material
      • Hardware - Stitched; Brushed Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
      • Length - Approximately measures to 8.5"" in length; First hole 4.5""  Last hole 7.25""
        • Buckle Piece- 3""  Longer Piece- 5.5""
      • Thickness - 1.5mm thick
      • All Watch Bands come with the Nato Strap Co. Guarantee!

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      Customer Reviews

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      ERIC L.
      The Inmate Z3:tm: Two-Piece Ballistic Nylon Strap w/ Brushed Hardware 22mm, from

      Dear Mrs, Mr,
      I have always appreciated such a wristwatch, and have already ordered from your companie two years ago many times. Here It was just for two wristwach but customs charged me about 9€ (9,5$) for this and it was the first time for, me may be due to UPS. Don't you thing a normal mail post envelope could avoid such taxes especially for private orders? I did not remember if such choice was available on your internet site.
      Yet, it was fast and articles really appreciated.
      See you,

      Michael L.
      Great strap!

      Great strap!