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Platoon | Golden Brown | One-Piece | Nylon | Polished Hardware

Platoon | Golden Brown | One-Piece | Nylon | Polished Hardware

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    Platoon Ballistic Nylon Watch Strap
    • Color - Golden Brown
    • Material - Manufactured of a medium weave ballistic nylon material
    • Hardware - Ultrasonically welded; Polished Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
    • Single piece of nylon between your watch and your wrist
    • Length - Approximately 10.7""/270mm in length
    • Thickness - 1.2mm thick
    • All Watch Bands come with the Nato Strap Co. Guarantee!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Kevin McGovern
    Fine Strap

    Purchased as a gift for my former Marine son. He enjoys having a wristwatch but destroyed the Navy SEALS watch I gave him as an enlistment present.

    He likes my faux James Bond rig (a surprisingly high quality Rolexoid piece made by Casio for around $60.00 USD, with a Bond [“Goldfinger”] style band) but not the band colors. He wanted khaki, hence this purchase.

    I’ve owned a few of these from this company and never had problems of any kind. They wear like titanium and the colors don’t fade, nor does the hardware fail. The sole caveat is that on a couple of hot summers, I find the nylon, which doesn’t “breathe” can foster sweat-induced bacteria to build up between band and wrist. You’ll notice a bit of a smell if you happen to scratch your nose with your watch hand. The simple remedy is to remove watch and band, and soak the latter in a little dishwater, scrub and dry overnight and voilà! I have also hooked the buckle on the top shelf of a dishwasher and run it through with a load to get to the same point.

    A great way to wear a watch and customize your timepiece with an extraordinary value to boot!

    Tim E.
    Great quality. Great company.

    Overall the strap is exactly what I expected. Color selection available is great (although I wish it was easier to tell the difference between the color variances). I mean, there is an Nth degree of each color! The webbing is very robust, and more stiff than I had imagined. I'm betting the strap will last a very long time.

    John N.
    Great Customer Service

    I had a great transaction with natostrapco. My 3 new Nato straps look great with my watches. They even sent me a free replacement spring bar tool that had gone missing from a package that had been destroyed while in transit to me. I'll definitely buy more Nato straps from them in the future.

    Ronnie J.
    Good straps for the money

    I bought 4 straps and that quantity made them a helluva deal, but don't be in a hurry 6 business days to ship to Atlanta GA from Ny sucked. The color choices were the best I've found and the quality is as good or better than the price.