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Historic Grain Z5™ Leather Watch Strap w/ PVD Hardware 18mm

Historic Grain Z5™ Leather Watch Strap w/ PVD Hardware 18mm

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  • The Historic Grain. Distressed Dark Brown Leather Z5™ Ballistic Strap w/ PVD Hardware.
  • This strap is manufactured of Genuine Leather
  • Stitched in hardware.
  • Hardware is PVD Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Approximately 10.7"/270mm in length. 1.6mm thick.
  • All Watch Bands come with the Nato Strap Co. Guarantee!

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Customer Reviews

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Taylor D.
Excellent Quality: Historic Grain Leather 18mm Strap

I recently purchased a black-face field watch, and was looking for a leather nato-style strap to complement the military heritage look. I found The Historic Grain Z5:tm: Leather Ballistic Strap w/ PVD Hardware 18mm on Nato Strap Co., and the darker color of the material, as well as the bulkier metal fasteners lent the strap the sort of rugged elegance I was looking for. I made the purchase, and upon of prompt receipt of the package, I was enormously pleased with the texture of the leather, as well as the quality of metal fasteners. The leather used is not thin, but rather has a nice heft to it. This was an enormously pleasurable discovery on my part. It does, however, (or it did, in my case) force one to install the strap by removing the spring bar, and reinstalling the spring bar over the strap, instead of sliding the watch onto the strap as one normally does with the nato or zulu style. The installation proved easy, but the process is worth mentioning, since it does render the nato strap function moot. I have worn the watch on this strap daily for going on three weeks now, and I could not be happier with the look of the watch + watch band. The quality of the leather strap appears excellent and the texture is just what I was looking for. Altogether a very satisfying purchase, and I couldn't finish this review without recommending Nato Strap Co. I will make an effort to take a photo and attach if possible to this review later.

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